Oooooo how foreboding!

Hi guys! Aaron here. I will admit to having been a bit absent on the site as of late. The simple, easy truth is that my wife had twin girls in November. Life has been a whirlwind blur since then. Things are starting to get a little easier and I do plan to return to all of my normal responses/bothering of our commenters.

As you may have figured out by now this is the last strip of Dax Chapter 6: Good Deeds. We will be taking a break before returning with chapter 7. Right now we’re looking to return in early April. That should give me a little time to catch things up and finish acclimating to all the extra bodies in the house.

That said, this won’t be an entirely silent break. We will again be responding to reader questions in short strip form. We’re going to take the rest of January off and then we’ll likely be updating every Monday for the length of the break. If we get a ton of questions, maybe we’ll do them twice a week on the normal update days. Somewhere in there we’ll get you a cover for Dax 7 so we can get you all extra excited about that.

Oh, ask your questions here:

Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot planned!