the team at Space Patrol HQ

the team at Space Patrol HQ
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the team at Space Patrol HQ

June 13, 2010
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Numerous shout-outs, tributes and references in this page. The Space Patrol Central building is based on Cordwainer Smith‘s Earthport, an image that has always stuck in my head. And of course the HQ is surrounded by various Jetsons riffs. Director Anderson is a direct nod to Chief Anderson on Battle of the Planets. (Actually, I do have an additional reason for the Director’s name, which will be revealed in the next storyline  😉 … )

And those few of you who recognized my Grey design from an unpublished strip will also recognize Pizmo, imported from that old strip complete with name. Well, what can I tell ya:

  • I always loved Pizmo’s look and personality, and thought it was a shame to see him languish
  • when I started conceiving and writing Space Kid!, he seemed to fit in perfectly
  • coming up with new ideas and designs is not what this series is about (in case you hadn’t already noticed!)

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