The Fringe – Cover

The Fringe – Cover
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  1. Ed8 April 21, 2014 12:37 am

    Cool. It’s probably a reference to some more recent move I haven’t seen, but I’m getting a “Tron” vibe from it, what with all the glowy bits and high contrast.

    • Aaron April 21, 2014 12:45 am

      It’s based on the cover of New X-Men 114. Morrison’s run on the X-Men is my absolute favorite.
      3/4 of our covers are comic homages.

      • Ed8 April 21, 2014 1:44 am

        Ah, I see- now I know to start looking through old comic book covers when the next title page comes out.

        So….is it May 12th yet?

        • Aaron April 21, 2014 2:19 am

          Lol, yes. I believe cover 1 was loosely based on Amazing Spider-Man 129. I’m pretty sure cover 2 was based on an X-Men comic, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one. Maybe Jess does. 3 is based on the original Conan movie poster.

          Get excited, it’s just around the corner!

          • Jess April 21, 2014 10:16 am

            I don’t think, I’m the art monkey remember? 😉

          • Aaron April 21, 2014 2:38 pm

            What have I done? I’ve created an art monster!

          • Jess April 21, 2014 7:09 pm

            JESS DRAWS!!!

          • Aaron April 21, 2014 7:48 pm

            You absolutely need to draw a JESS DRAW homage to the hulk.

          • Ed8 April 25, 2014 2:33 am

            Art monkey, eh? You wouldn’t happen to be any relation to the famous avant-garde master artist Pierre Brassau, would you?

          • Aaron April 25, 2014 3:01 am

            How did you know!?!!?

  2. Onasaki April 29, 2014 1:55 am

    I’m going to finally point out the typo in “Previous”. There’s an extra O where there shouldn’t be.

    I would’ve thought someone would’ve pointed it out by now, it’s been there since the site came back up. XD

    • Aaron April 29, 2014 2:49 am

      Lol, I think I noticed that once, but didn’t yet know how to fix it. Should be fixed now.

      • Ed8 April 30, 2014 3:51 am

        Oh, sure, I see how it is – you’ll fix it when Onasaki mentions it – I’m quite sure that I mentioned it previouosly. 😉

        • Aaron April 30, 2014 4:13 am

          I didn’t know how to fix it yet! 🙂

        • Jess April 30, 2014 11:22 am

          I’ve been after Aaron to do something besides send me hourly emails, texts, voicemails and strip-o-grams asking if the next chapter is done yet. Well … the strip-o-grams are ok … but they just slow the process down further 😉

          • Aaron April 30, 2014 10:44 pm

            How else are you going to know that a five minute break without arting is way too long?! 😉

          • Jess May 1, 2014 12:16 am

            You mean I’m supposed to get five minutes with the delivery girl? Buddy … you’re waaay over-paying.

          • Ed8 May 1, 2014 12:50 am

            Just to help move the artistic process along, you can send the strip-o-gram girl to me instead – I’m willing to make that sacrifice – throw myself on that grenade, so to speak – that’s just the kinda guy I am! Always thinking of the other guy, that’s me. 😀

          • Aaron May 1, 2014 9:26 pm

            For some reason I assumed that Jess was implying that I was informing him of the need to work by showing up at his door personally and stripping. If you’d both like a piece of that I’d just need you to cover airfare and funky time for all! 😉

          • Jess May 2, 2014 1:43 am

            As long as you wear the skirt … that’s all I ask.

          • Aaron May 2, 2014 3:31 am

            Show a little respect! It’s “The Skirt”.

          • Ed8 May 2, 2014 11:46 am

            Pay for the dinner, pay for the movie, pay for the airfare….I should have known….there’s always a catch, they always want something… 🙁

          • Aaron May 2, 2014 12:48 pm

            Lol, we’ve taken this to strange places.

          • Ed8 May 3, 2014 1:41 am

            That’s what you get for having a three-week intermission. Who knows where this thread would end up if you took a couple months off?! 😮

          • Aaron May 3, 2014 12:46 pm

            I’m assuming the star trek pr0n parody direction. That’s what I originally pushed Jess before we started Dax.

          • Ed8 May 4, 2014 2:53 am

            Pr0n? On the internet?!


          • Aaron May 4, 2014 3:29 am

            I’ve enjoyed your reference to a movie that I find pleasing.

          • Onasaki May 4, 2014 10:07 pm

            That’s what she said. Twice.

          • Aaron May 5, 2014 5:11 pm

            I’ve enjoyed your reference to a show that I find pleasing. 😀

          • Jess May 5, 2014 5:47 pm

            I know you think he’s joking, but Star Trek and Final Fantasy pr0n was exactly Aaron’s response when I asked him to do a webcomic with me. I just wasn’t that good at drawing bewbs yet.

          • Ed8 May 6, 2014 12:54 am

            Practice makes perfect!

            (and even if it doesn’t, you get to draw lots of bewbs, so no downside!)

      • J.P. June 4, 2014 9:52 pm

        Is Dax wearing the Iron Man armor? …Not sure if I completely trust Dax with a power suit. (Is it Power Suit or Power Armor?)

        • Aaron June 4, 2014 10:28 pm

          You’ll have to wait and see! Just a couple more strips to go…


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