Self-destruct sequence: activated.

Self-destruct sequence: activated.
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Self-destruct sequence: activated.

November 7, 2010
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I like to believe that Kyzok is being inspired here by the example of Zoltar, who made sure to supply every base, ship, or giant robot with a self-destruct mechanism and also made sure to trigger that self-destruct mechanism on any slightest provocation.  😀

Also: if you’ve seen any of the 21st-century episodes of Doctor Who, you will be familiar with this type of sing-songy automated voice gently and repeatedly announcing your imminent destruction.


  1. Dee February 14, 2013 1:35 am

    Or Spaceballs–!

    “Six? What happened to seven?!”
    “Just kidding.”

    “4 3 2 1–have a nice day!”
    (chorus) “Thank you!”


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