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Kidthulhu Page 21
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Kidthulhu Page 21

November 17, 2016
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Say Hello to Courtney Hahn

Courtney is co-creator on Podunk, an old fashioned cowboy comedy. I was able to track her down on the dusty trail and ask her a few questions:

When did you decide to start drawing comics and why?

Waaaay back, I liked drawing these weird anime guys and my dad was like “this looks like what you draw, I’m gonna buy you this book” and so he bought me a How to Draw Manga book and that’s kinda where it started. Later when I got a little better at drawing, my friends and I had stories so we wrote them and I drew them. Now when I do it it’s just really fun and I don’t know what else I’d do with my time.

What or who is your biggest influence outside the comic industry, how has that changed your life?

A lot of my inspirations for making comics come mostly from the animation industry. Cartoons are a constant in my life, so I use a lot of the life force that cartoons give me and channel it into making comics. I’m also very inspired by a lot of supernatural phenomena that happen that people try to explain, whether through something practical or it just being chocked up to UFOs. Crop circles and Bigfoot, baby!

How do you recharge your creative batteries?

Sometimes when I’m feeling burnt out or stuck, I take a breather and try and find a movie that I either really like or have never seen before. Sometimes it’s just a break from the monotony and I can keep going, other times something about the film inspires me to do a completely different story and then I get side tracked. Either way, it helps get me going again. I also like to drive so I’ll go across town to the art store to just walk around and get out. Can’t stay cooped up in your room all day, right?

What tools do you use to create comics?

I’ve done almost 100% of my comics in Manga Studio EX 4 and my trusty Intuos3 tablet (with one exception where I did a comic on card stock with some spiffy ink pens).

If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 5 items, what would you do if you left the 5 items at home and found yourself in R’lyeh?

Well, I was gonna bring paper and pens and junk, but if I’m on some scary island without those things, I prolly wouldn’t be very happy at first but then I’d remember that it’s an experience and I can totally turn that adventure into a comic for when I get home!

We won’t mention that you’d most likely be inking them with your own drool of course, madness!

Don’t forget to check out her comic Podunk and more of her work here.


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