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Kidthulhu Page 20
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Kidthulhu Page 20

November 10, 2016
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Say Hello to Gaston Pacheco

Gaston is a comic artist and martial arts enthusiast, you can find his work in Dead Future, the upcoming Convocation, and on his blog. I was able to pull him away from drawing long enough to answer a few questions:

When did you decide to start drawing comics and why?

I´m drawing comics or different stuff from I was a Kid. I started to copy the drawings of my big brother Diego, he´s a wonderful artist. Years later, in the high school, I start to looking more seriously to drawings in comics and get better and better on my style and take some art class from different teachers. I found that comics are a different way to tell stories, another medium of communications, just a little bit underestimated.

What or who is your biggest influence outside the comic industry, how has that changed your life?

My biggest influence outside the comics is, mostly, from movies and tv series. When I see a great movie or a TV Series with awesome visual effect, or a movie/Tv series, with good characters, good script and a good angles of the camera, good illumination, that kind of thing gives me a motif for me to draw.

How do you recharge your creative batteries?

With comics. My big recharge are with comics. When I see an awesome comics, (USA, Manga, European, from here Argentina) , I just close up the comic (or book artist) and jump in to the white page (or a half drawing page, in the best of the case) and keep drawing. Draw, re-draw and keep drawing is the only way to get better and better in the art for an artist.

What tools do you use to create comics?  

I a big fan of a traditional art. When I get the script, I start to read with a page and a pencil in my hand, to start to draw a fast first idea of the page. I prefer to start to do a sketch in pencil and later, ink with traditional inks (01, 03, 005 for a small details). After that, I scan in a high resolution (300 dpi is good enough) and I cleaning the draw in PS5 o PS4 (I have both). Now, I start to do digital color with a tablet Genius, I’m not good enough, but I’m still practicing.  

If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 5 items, what would you do if you left the 5 items at home and found yourself in R’lyeh?  

I will take a pencil, big amount of paper and a lot of comics, but If I forget all that stuff, I am martial artist too, so I would be training all that time like a deadly machine 😉

Facing madness with determination and discipline, you might be the only one to survive. 😉

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  1. Drake November 11, 2016 2:15 am

    I used to love Eldritch Fruit Pies as a kid! I didn’t realize they still made those.

    (There was a playground rumor that they took them off the market after some kids who ate them turned into some sort of monsters, so you know of course that just made everyone want them more!)


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