Kidthulhu Page 16

Kidthulhu Page 16
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Kidthulhu Page 16

October 13, 2016
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Nyar’s way of explaining seems to be what every politician bases their speeches off of. Let’s just dance around the topic at hand by adding a lot of words that will eventually distract you from the reason we started talking. I use this tactic a lot with my younger kids and it works every time.

“Can I have a cookie, pleeeease?”
“Cookie? Sure, I like cookies too. Doesn’t Cookie Monster like cookies too?”
*nods head*
“I remember he ate a whole plate and got a tummy ache. Just like Gil did on Bubble Guppies, do you want to watch Bubble Guppies?”
“Guppies!”, they run off to the TV.

Sometimes I might have to loop that conversation longer but it almost always works.


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