Kidthulhu Page 1

Kidthulhu Page 1
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Kidthulhu Page 1

July 20, 2016
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Today Charlie and I unleash Kidthulhu for the first time on the web. Up to this point, the series has only been available in print, but we want to spread the madness further into this crazy digital world.

For centuries mankind has heard the call of a being they called Cthulhu. Biding their time they waited till the star aligned to reveal R’lyeh the city of the dread dreamer. Imagine their surprise when it turns out they’ve been pronouncing his name wrong all along. Kidthulhu is an all-ages story of child hi-jinks, adventure, and weird worlds staring your favorite star born Kidthulhu, his pet shoggoth Shog, and his best friend Capi the Albino Goat of the Woods with 999 Siblings.

Kidthulhu: Tales of Madness is a new start for Kidthulhu created by Martin E. Brandt II and Charles C Dowd. Featuring the artwork of Charles C Dowd with guest artwork by Jess Boudrie (Dax and Night Maiden), Courtney Hahn (Podunk), Gaston Pacheco (Dead Future, Convocation) in the first issue.

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