Adventures in Babysitting – Page 28

Adventures in Babysitting – Page 28
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  1. Ed8 November 15, 2013 7:46 pm

    So, Slimebeard is like a living Mood Ring? (no I’m *not* old enough to remember those)

    Let’s see, so far we have:

    • Aaron November 15, 2013 9:06 pm

      Yes, Slimebeard is a mood slime. You’ve got two of them pretty close! I will tell you that the blue/green is just his default color. That’s when he’s just feeling normal and not projecting any emotion strongly. I’ve only discovered 15 of his possible colors so far. I’m sure we’ll see more over time.

      • Ed8 November 16, 2013 1:10 am

        Slimebeard must be a deep, multilayered personality – I don’t think I even *have* 15 different moods.

        I did find another one, though – he was pink when he saw the naked fauxrengi, so I’m guessing “Abject Horror”

        • Aaron November 16, 2013 1:43 am

          Sorry, that one is actually an error to be corrected. He’s supposed to be a slightly different color there. I’ve got Jess working on correcting it.


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